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Klever Products for A Klever Home


You wake up in the morning and you flip a switch. Before you go to bed at night, you flip a switch. Our world revolves around lighting, and we’ve revolved our products around you.

With our Klever products, you can seamlessly transform your entire home into a Klever home without any modifications or neutral wiring within a matter of minutes. Each Klever Switch, Dimmer and Outlet is its own radio frequency repeater, so you’ll have control over your entire home, big or small.

And, don’t worry, you don’t have to automate your entire home all at once. Whether you’re testing the waters, automating your entire home or moving to a new location, Klever products go where you go and work with any bulb, any switch and any outlet.

No neutral wire required, no modifications to your home!



With the Klever Switch, you’ll have the power to turn your lights on and off from anywhere in the world* using your phone, smart watch or tablet. Using the Klever app, you’ll be able to control, schedule and monitor your home’s lighting from your office, school, or even an entirely different state.

Monitor Your Energy Consumption.

See what you can use less of to save more on your next energy bill.

No Modifications, No Special Bulbs.

Control any type of bulb without having to rewire your entire home or add a neutral wire.

3 in 1

Three In One.

One Klever Switch can control up to three regular wall switches on one plate.

Lighting That Learns.

Klever Switches learn your lighting habits and can replicate that schedule even while you’re away to keep your home safe.

*You can control Klever products from anywhere outside your home as long as your home has an internet connection.



Control your home’s lighting and ambience with a simple swipe or hand gesture. Wave your hand up to turn the lights all the way on, wave it down to turn them off or make a circle gesture to dim the lights, set the mood and even save energy.

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Hand Gestures

Set the sensitivity of your gestures within the Klever app, and control your lighting with the simple wave of a hand.

Set The Mood

Easily set the ambience of any room with the wave of a hand, from bedtime stories to dinner dates in the dining room.

Save Energy

Whether you’re dimming your lights by hand or by phone, you’ll be saving energy and saving money at the same time.

Longer Bulb Life

Extend the life of your light bulbs by utilizing less power.

Kleverness, cleverness, home automation, smart outlet



You just left the house and realize the TV is still on. With the Klever Outlet, you can power your outlets on and off anytime, anywhere from the palm of your hand.

Plugs Into Any Outlet

Simply plug the Klever Outlet into your existing outlet and “voila”! You have a smart home with smarter outlets.

Automate & Control Your Appliances

Want to turn on a lamp before you get home or turn off a curling iron after you’ve already left? Klever Outlets give you that power. You can automate and control them directly from your phone.

See What’s Drawing Power

See which devices are drawing the most power and decide whether or not to turn them off. Easily keep track of your usage and monitor it closely with the Kleverness home app.


Expand Your Smart Home

Klever devices work seamlessly with voice assistants.

Protect Your Home

Our Klever collection uses AI technology to learn and mimic your schedule while you’re away to make your home appear occupied. You can also set your own custom schedule while you’re away in the Kleverness app.

Smart Lights, Smart Price

Klever products allow you to transform your entire home into the smart home you’ve always dreamed of without going broke. You’ll get more functionality for the same price, if not better, than other smart switches, dimmers and outlets.

Save Energy

Klever devices monitor your energy usage, so you can see when and where you’re using the most energy and make adjustments to use less, so you can spend less.

Our features

Works with Any Home

Just take off your switch plate and follow the app’s simple instructions to install any Klever product. No neutral wire or electrician needed.

Track Energy Consumption

Monitor your energy consumption per switch and outlet using our mobile app to help lower your energy bills.

Manage Permissions

Whether you rent out your home as an Airbnb, struggle with a roommate who leaves every light on, or have a little one who refuses to turn off the lights, you can easily manage and customize Klever permissions directly from your phone.

No WiFi. No Dead Spots.

Each Klever product is a radio frequency repeater, which means that it works in the farthest corners of your house, no matter how far away it is from the hub.

Kleverness Home

With the Kleverness app you’ll be able to control each and every switch, dimmer and outlet, set schedules, adjust haptics, customize widgets, manage permissions, monitor your energy usage, review past activity and usage, set up geofencing, receive notifications when light bulbs are out, block switches remotely and set up vacation mode. With Kleverness, all of the power is in your hands.

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