Installation: It’s all in the App!

Do you want to know how to install a Klever product? Just look in the Klever App! You’ll find fully illustrated and up-to-date instructions on how to activate your Klever Hub, how to install other components, and what to do in the unlikely event something goes wrong.Here are some screenshots:

You’ll find complete details on how to use the most Klever features:

  • How to install Klever Hubs, Switches, Dimmers and Outlets
  • Turning on lights automatically when you get close to home (you won’t even have to touch your phone: Klever knows when you arrive nearby)
  • Setting up three-way switches, light groups, and lighting scenes
  • Authorizing new users, either temporarily or permanently

Why did we put all the instructions in the app? Because we hate it when we lose those tiny paper documents that come with so many products these days. When the instructions are in the app:

  • You’ll always have the latest instructions
  • You won’t have to go hunting when you want to install a new product, or remember how to set up a lighting scene

It’s easy to teach other people how to use Kleverness

Download the latest app version today on the Apple AppStore or Google Play (insert icons).