Economy 5-Dimmer Add-On Bundle - Europe

Economy 5-Dimmer Add-On Bundle - Europe

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Normal Price: $490
Bundle Price: 
You Save: $74 (15%)

What is included

  • 5 Dimmers

Perfect for:

  • Adding 5 more light circuits to dimming scenes in an existing Kleverness Smart Lighting System

The Kleverness Economy 5-Dimmer Add-On Bundle enables existing Kleverness Smart Lighting System users to add dimming and scene control to 5 more wired light circuits. This bundle is ideal for users who love creative lighting control for parties, movies and meals. A Kleverness Hub, which is included in most other bundles, is required.

Alternatives to Consider:

  • Economy 5-Switch Add-On Bundle
  • Economy 5-Outlet Add-On Bundle Dimmer Specifications

Dimmer Specifications

Input Voltage 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz
Min. and Max LED Power: 10 - 100W
Min. and Max Incandescent Power: 10 - 600W
Max Capacity: 600W per load
Bulb technology: LED and Incandescent
Radio frequency: 915Mhz
Available Colors

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