Klever Hub - Europe

The Kleverness Smart Lighting Hub is the smart heart of the Kleverness Smart Lighting System. It connects via ethernet cable to your WiFi router, and via long-range wireless to all the Kleverness Smart Lighting products in your smart home. Use the Kleverness Smart Lighting Hub with the included Kleverness smartphone app to assign lights and Kleverness Smart Outlets to Kleverness Smart Switches, and create beautiful lighting scenes with Kleverness Smart Dimmers. Most bundles contain one Hub. Only one hub is required per home. 

Klever Hub FAQ

Q. What does a Klever Hub do?

A. A Klever Hub is the brain of the whole Klever system. It communicates between your Kleverness devices (switches, dimmers, outlets) and your smartphone. It also enables you to control your Kleverness devices with other automation products like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Q. Can Klever Switches control lights without a Klever Hub?

After installation, all of your Klever Switches and Dimmers can control your lights and Klever Outlets without a functioning Klever Hub. You will not be able to control your lights using the Klever App or smart assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Q. How many Klever Switches, dimmers and outlets can one Klevernes Hub support?

A. A single Klever Hub can control up to 512 Klever devices. We have you covered, no matter how big your dreams!

Q. Can one smartphone control multiple Klever Hubs?

A. Yes. You can authorize any smartphone to control the Klever Hubs you own, and deauthorize them as well.

Smart Dimmer designed for European wall-boxes that allows you to control and monitor your lighting for all your devices anywhere in the world.


Input Voltage: 5 VCD
Current Consumption: 2.5 A Max
Physical Connection: Ethernet 10/1 00BT autosensing 
Radio frequency: 915Mhz
RAM: 512 MB

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